The Art of Single Living


Mission Statement:

Living Single: Inspiring an optimistic, joyful single life through positive action is about optimism and self-empowerment. Above all, these themes weave through the fabric of the site. This site is also about total wellness. To truly live a happy joyful life, I focus on emotional balance, physical health, and personal development that builds character, and self-esteem.

Living Single can and should be one of optimism. You make daily choices without regard to a collective household. You have incredible freedom to travel, spend and take risk. You can choose to live how you wish. The day is yours to define. With an unlimited number of options, emphasis is placed on making great decisions that improve wellness and happiness. It is in these positive choices that one journeys towards a life of creativity and empowerment. The Art of Single Living expresses itself through each action. I am also focused on community. Despite the curve balls that life presents on occasion, simply knowing that we are not alone is enough to find the courage to rebuild when necessary. Living well is a choice you make everyday. Choose to live vibrantly and seek purpose in your journey. Being single today may have been your choice, or it may be a decision that was made for you. The fact remains that you are single today.

You are given the choice and the opportunity to be inspired and live well. Be the vibrant, strong person that is within you. is a resource for designing your fantastic, single life, building new relationships and living richly. Articles on health & wellness, emotional balance and creating balance are written by some of today’s best subject matter authors. We invite you to join our community and embrace living single.


 Seek Purpose ⋅ Embrace Optimism ⋅ Love Deeply


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