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Being single today may be a choice, or it may be a decision that was made for you.

Millions of men and women are learning how to be single, date, build new relationships and live richly. When we learn to heal the past, communicate better, find peace, and live a healthy life, then finding purpose, meaning and joy soon follow.

Living Single Living Well is about the Art of Single Living, finding purpose and a true optimism created by empowerment of self. Knowing that you can create your life each day allows each of us to live richly. Millions of people are learning, or relearning, how to live a healthy, happy and powerful single-life.

Each of us is on an individual journey toward understanding self, cultivation of personal growth and relearning the dynamics of healthy interpersonal relationships. The Living Single Living Well resource is one of optimism. Articles, books, and commentary are tools to help open doors to a deeper understanding of how we each choose to live an optimistic and happy single life. Living well is a choice we make everyday.

Seeking and finding purpose. Loving deeply. Embracing the journey.

For at least today, you are single because you are. Seek purpose and peace. Embrace optimism. Experience joy and love.


The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

- Dalai Lama

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