Emotional balance stages of healingEMOTIONAL HEALING

The First Step in Creating Wellness


To release old emotions is to begin the healing process.

We imagine the day when we are emotionally liberated from the years of accumulated baggage that weighs us down. Sometimes, the light at the end of the tunnel for which we hope so dearly is not only faint, but also racing away from us. There are no shortcuts to finding peace and a quiet soul. The process does not, however, need to be complicated.

I developed a three-step process to finding the joy again. Like the Four Agreements, the steps are intellectually easy to understand. It is in the implementation that we find challenging. By keeping the process of rediscovering joy to only three steps, it will take little more than a brief check-in with your emotional self to know exactly where you are in the process. You can never get lost so you are always moving forward.

I dedicated a page to Emotional Healing and included the contents of the post 3 Steps to a Balanced Life because it is a process that evolved for me as I had to learn to manage some of life’s uncertainties. It has been a bedrock process that I come back to again and again. I hope that it works for you.

Enjoy the most simple plan in the world to rediscovering your joy.

3 Stages of Emotional Healing


Step 1. Release

All that has happened lies in the past but it is now history.

Past experiences usually affect us long after the initial impact. They shape our thoughts, what we become and our emotional content. They give us a framework against which we weigh present decisions and create future outcome. Not all of our past events were positive and the emotional baggage rings in our ears like it happened yesterday. We give undue weight to matters that we cannot change.

By failing to release these negative emotions, we unknowingly bring them into our future, affecting our most important present and future relationships, careers, financial paths and health. Creating a balanced life depends on our ability to release the past.

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Step 2. Balance

Find your balance. Start by affirming that change is not only possible, but a prerequisite to achieving your broader goal of a sustainable, healthy life. You define your future with today’s choices and swift, decisive action will launch your bright tomorrow.

Work is usually the single biggest detractor from a balanced life. Numerous studies have been conducted on work-life balance. In fact, 1 in 4 employees experience high levels of conflict between work and family, based on work-to-family interference and caregiver strain, according to a major Canadian study on work-life balance conducted by Lowe (2005) If one of the roles is overloaded, then close to 60 percent of employees surveyed experience work-family conflict.

In one survey of physicians, Predictors of Physician Career Satisfaction, control over work schedule was the greater predictor of reported work life balance.

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Step 3. Focus

Recreate your life by doing what you love. Follow your plan to focus your life on the people and things that you love most. Focus on your new relationships and passion. Enjoy the renewed sense of self and optimism that each day brings when the sun shines on your back. While we can neither erase nor forget the past, you can use the those experiences to avoid creating patterns and break bad habit.

Take stock of the great things in your life and lock them into your mental framework. These new and wonderful experiences, and dynamic, supportive relationship are your building blocks on which your emotional rebirth will be based.

Enjoy your renewed journey into a world that loves and embraces the greatness that lies within your spirit. The future is yours to define.

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