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A Quiet Soul Is A Precious Gift

Nurturing of spirit and finding spiritual balance an essential part of living a healthy, joyful life. When you live with peace and have a strong sense of self-worth, your body stays in better shape and your general condition is more resilient. “The people who age best are those who have positive things happening in their lives and positive feelings,” says Norman Rosenthal, MD, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine. In his book The Emotional Revolution. Dr. Rosenthal outlines the latest science of emotions, arguing that they profoundly affect health and longevity.

Studies suggest that up to 55 percent of one’s happy disposition is genetic. Like a happy, care-free Golden Retriever, some people are able to bounce through life with an uncommon sense of joy and resiliency. For many of us, the good news is that the other 45 percent of emotional balance mastery can be learned. We learn to master our emotional equilibrium, balance our physical and hormonal responses and grow in our ability to overcome the emotional swings that might have once dominated our lives.

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“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

― Socrates

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