7 Easy Steps To Doing What You Love

7 Easy Steps To Doing What You Love

7 Easy Steps To Doing What You Love and Getting What You Want


“Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still.” – Henry David Thoreau

Before you can do what you love, you have to know what you love to do. Risking without fear of failure is essential to discovering your life passion.

We all dream about waking up every day and doing what you love. This probably does not entail rushing out the door to fight traffic for an hour to sit at a desk and make someone else rich. Few people in the world do what they want. Notice that I did not say they “get to do what they want.” This type of language removes the choice from the decision tree.

Each of us makes choices each day based on perceived necessity, and the realities of daily sustainability: overhead and bills, family duties, deference to partnership needs. While most of us would love a career we are passionate about, many are stuck in jobs we don’t even like, let alone love. Rediscovering what it is that you love, and figuring out how to do it every day will be the most liberating experience of your life.

Here are your 7 Easy Steps To Doing What You Love and Getting What You Want.

1. Look Inwards.

There is some part of your that knows exactly what makes you happy and encourages you to get our of bed everyday with joy. The frenetic world in which we live can do a great job at masking those inner feelings. It is up to us to re-evaluate our deepest desires and connect with ourselves again.

“To do something you love, you have to first spend time thinking deeply about things that bring you enjoyment,” according to Steve Zeitchik, founder and CEO of Focal Point Strategies. It is this interpersonal inspiration that allows you to have clarity on choosing your path and making an action plan. It is only after you come up with the list of things that bring you joy should you think about a life change. Premature change will lead to disappointment and setback. Take the time to evaluate your inner passion and be comfortable with each item on your list.

2. Create the Opportunity.

We need time and resources to implement a plan. One that involves a major life event requires careful thought, planning and commitment. Making the choice to create the opportunity is a huge step in committing to an upgraded life.

“Once you’ve determined which of your passions you want to shape into a career, it is critical to take the steps necessary to turn that idea into a reality.” Deirdre Maloney, business consultant and president of Momentum. In a BusinessNewsDaily interview, Ms. Maloney stated that “once we pinpoint ideas, we need to do something decidedly not passionate: schedule time in our calendars to come up with our plan to get there. The plan must be written down, even if it’s broken out into tiny, baby steps.”

Make the time and make a plan.

3. Decide if your new passion is profitable.

The moment that you realize that you have to make a career change or lose an important part of your soul, self, identity or joy, you need to decide if you can replace your current income with that pursuit. Perhaps you don’t need to replace all of your income, or you have resources to allow you time to develop a new income stream. Either way, be rigorous in your analysis of how your career change will impact your current and future lifestyle.

All change comes with risk. Do your best to minimize the risk from your upcoming change of direction. Recognizing that to turn something you love into a business, you have to figure out how to make money from it.

“Spend some time brainstorming. Look at it from several avenues – from your perspective, from the buyer’s perspective, the end user’s perspective and the audience perspective,” said Melanie Connallee, president of the MLC Group and executive coach. She noted that people who love art could fund their passions in several ways, including by teaching art, working in a gallery or doing portraits. Realize that you might have to supplement your income with part time work that is a means to an end. Be emotionally ready to embrace doing something that is one step on your path to do what you love.

4. Engage your support network.

You have people in our life who support your passion for change. In some small way, they might be vicariously living through your experience because they never took the leap to control their lives and seek a career about which they were passionate. Your support network of friends, family and professional relationships are invaluable to helping you refine your dreams, lend emotional support and create a sense of shared understanding for future reference when new challenges arise.

Alan Kong, founder of Big-Hearted Furniture, agrees that you should find other entrepreneurs already working in your area of interest. “If you start to spend time and really talk to the market, ones who may have the same passions as yourself, then you will start to uncover hidden pains that will help you figure out how to launch a business model,” Kong said.

You should also be prepared for those people who appear to support you but cannot overcome their jealousy over your courage and willingness to seek a new passion. Your colleagues may feel just as trapped, jealous and scared, and become overtly discouraging. Know that you will always have opposition to change from some of the most unexpected people.

5. Be Fearless. Don’t wait another day.

The most courageous acts are often the most rewarding. It requires fearless action to take control of your life, make a bold choice to move from perceived security, steady income or a comfort zone, and start doing what you love. If you never try, you will never know. You might not forgive yourself if at the end of our life journey you look back and ask how life might have been different had you risked more at certain points. That is not a question any of us should ever have to ask.

Part of the excitement of doing what you love by trying something bold is the uncertainty of the process. Work to minimize the objective risk around a positive outcome and go with what you know. Mistakes are bound to happen along the way so expect it and keep pushing ahead.

6. Work with what you know or learn something new.

Your dreams often tie into passions that have been with you for many years. You already know a good deal about how to turn your passion into profit. Make a plan of the skillsets that you think would be required of the passion-profit challenge. Evaluate your skillsets carefully and honestly. This is the perfect time to put ego aside and affirm to your inner monologue that there are things in life that you don’t know, or are not good at.

For those deficiencies, take a class, consult with an expert in the field, read books about the trade. Even if there is nothing exactly on point with your objective, there is likely something close that supports your effort.

Back to the earlier point about your support network. There is a good chance that you know someone who knows someone that can provide mentorship. If you are not used to asking others for help, or if this is outside your comfort zone, this is definitely the time to be fearless and bold.

7. Remember that Rome was not built in a day.

Some of the most recent internet success stories, like Instagram, went from concept to customer to wealth for the founders in a few short years. In a three year period, the Instagram grew to over 150 million users.

Not every concept will launch into a moonshot overnight. Enjoy the creative process and the journey. Be satisfied with the daily successes and enjoy the milestones.

This is your journey. If you are not doing what you love, then make bold and swift change.

Know that you are building your dreams from bottom up. Be thrilled at the excitement of knowing that one day you will be able to tell a great story of your fearless leap into the unknown. Because of careful planning, your strong support network, fearless action and strong execution, you are living proof that you can turn passion into profit.


Are you doing what you love right now?

Do you now what will it take to get there?


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