Better Password Security

Password security is a critical part of one’s Cyber Life.

The last time I was home, my Dad wanted to show me something on his computer. Like most websites, access to the site’s content was protected by Username/Password. Like many people, he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a notebook specifically for passwords. There were literally hundreds of passwords that he had recorded, crossed out, updated and crossed out again.

My first words were of praise for taking the time to create a more secure online life but Holy Smoke! There were pages upon pages of passwords! I said he was like many people, not most. Most people use one or two easily remembered passwords. This is great until China or some local hacker brute force attacks the site, takes the passwords and then uses it to access every other site that you have ever accessed.

After my praise, I told him that there is a better way to balance security and convenience since usually those two concepts are at odds with each other. For more than a year I have been using LastPass to manage my password list and for the first time, I feel like I have secured my financial accounts, websites and other password-restricted portals.

Do you use your last name, pet’s name or birth date as a password or login? If you do, you are not alone. Even internet guru Mark Zuckerberg used a simple password for his Facebook account and was easily hacked.

While I entitled my blog “Adventure Blog”, I run across or concept life hacks that streamline, simplify and just make life a little better. I am creating a new blog category for these types of LifeHacks that will help guide the community and followers to the products, concepts and tools that have made my life a little safer, easier and more enjoyable.

LastPass is the first of those tools that I can recommend with confidence. It has freed up my time, given me back my piece of mind and it works flawlessly across very platform. I use it dozens of time each day and never think about remembering a complex password.

While I was a bit skeptical about an online password generator/keeper service before I really researched how it works, after having used the LastPass service for over one year, I am a complete believer. As a secure password keeper, I have been able to secure all of my logins across my computers and mobile devices with strong encryption and no longer have to remember a 12 character string for hundreds of different accounts.

If you are tired of trying to remember your weak password list and you want better password security, click on this LastPass link and check it out. Reclaim your time and choose a better way to secure your online life.

In their words:


LastPass has the tools to help you follow best security practices, with a unique, strong password for every account.

Generate Random Passwords

The built-in password generator will create long, randomized passwords that protect you from being hacked.

New Account, New Password

Don’t waste time creating a new password when registering on a website. LastPass does it for you and remembers it for later.

Audit Your Passwords

Use the LastPass Security Challenge to find weak, duplicate, old, and vulnerable passwords that are lurking in your vault.

Auto-Change Passwords

Hate changing passwords? LastPass can do it for you, in one click! Stronger passwords, without the hassle.

Local-Only Encryption

User data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. Your master password and the passwords in your vault are kept secret, even from LastPass.

Leading Encryption Algorithms

We use the best: AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud.

Offline Access

Your LastPass vault is available offline via the extension or the apps, so you can access your passwords without an internet connection.

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