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Inspiration – Courage – Will To Act

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


LivingSingleLivingWell, and our entire editorial team, believe that each of us our leaders in our own, highly personal way. We have individually spent time and effort to become an expert in one aspect of our lives that is most important to us. In that instance, we learned our craft and achieved the confidence to demonstrate that skill.

One can read leadership articles and learn about those actions which inspired the leader. We apply those same skill in our lives. We can observe, and at least for a moment, mimic the behavioral traits and leadership skills that separates them from the ordinary. It is more than just their decisiveness and willingness to dare. Rather, it is the process by which they optimize outcomes where others might fail given similar circumstance. Great leaders rely on a set of leadership traits and principles that serve as a decision-making framework. By studying these principles for which they are recognized, each of us can learn to become a great leader in our own way.

The matter of what makes a great leader is as old as Plato when he explored those qualities that distinguish an individual as a leader. Thought leaders and psychologists have proposed dozens of theories over the last century to help understand what those qualities that make up a leader, and can those same qualities be learned. See, Wiki on Leadership

For those who don’t think that you are a born leader, take heart. Leadership skills are a learned trait. Each of us can develop those leadership skills as we develop our muscles with exercise and effort. See, Three Levels of Leadership Model, Scouller. The actual practice of leadership may be difficult for some because of unconscious beliefs, fears or ingrained habits. Continued development of oneself both technically and psychologically is an essential component of creating the leadership mindset.

Personal leadership has three core aspects:

  1. Developing one’s technical know-how and skill.
  2. Cultivating the right attitude toward other people.
  3. Working on psychological self-mastery.

Enjoy the leadership articles, blogs and bullet-points to cultivate the leader within.

Leadership Articles

A Father’s Advice to His Son – Kipling

A Fathers Advice to His Son, by Rudyard Kipling, inspires us to dream, keep our virtue, uphold our honesty and moral fabric...all great lessons that we should embrace as men and women throughout our journey. “If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing...

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Living Joyfully Is An Art

Living Joyfully Is An Art

Are you living joyfully everyday? The art of living joyfully is created through our daily choices and actions. LivingSingleLivingWell is about the Art of Single Living, and specifically, joyful living. Our courage allows us to manifest optimism and confidence. This...

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Top 14 Leadership Principles For Success

Top 14 Leadership Principles For Success

Is anyone leading today? It is time that we quit following the herd. Each of us is a leader within our own sphere of influence, be it family, friends or professionally. Everyday we make decisions based on guiding principles that we learned from our family, in...

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“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.”

― Robert Louis Stevenson

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