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Today’s Personal Finance Drive Tomorrow’s Freedom

Personal Finance is the sum of all financial decision and activities allowing one to analyze one’s current financial position and predict short-term and long-term needs. See, Investopedia Explains Personal Finance.

With a world of information on personal finance, savings and retirement, LivingSingleLivingWell delivers fresh ideas and relevant content on how to reach your goals.

Your goals and income and knowledge of personal finance all carry weight into making smart daily decisions and spending and investment planning. The factors begin to define your current and future wealth picture; therein lies the importance of personal finance. Financial freedom requires both a long term approach to goals, as well as the consistent management of the daily, micro-economics of spending and savings.

We can do only two things to improve our financial situation: spend less and make more.

Along the way, a sound, long-term investment approach will be the deciding factors for those who are able to spend less, regardless of current and projected income. Even low to moderate income people can accumulate vast sums of wealth with a disciplined approach to their personal finance landscape. People usually find the challenge that uncertainty of income creates in a solid approach to wealth creation. Take heart in knowing that even income fluctuations can be overcome with attention to spending management. You will read articles of such success stories.

We hope to provide the intellectual resources as well as the drive to start accumulating wealth today. A life of resources is a life of freedom. Enjoy!

Personal Finance

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