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 Article & Author  Guidelines

We look forward to helping you get published online at LivingSingleLivingWell. Help us to understand your areas of interest and your past experience so we can make sure we have the right editorial team for your articles by submitting the following questionnaire that highlights a few areas of interest:

  1. Your subject matter expertise and passion
  2. Have you published articles online or anywhere else?

  3. Thoughtful creativity

  4. How can your articles improve other people’s lives and build community?

Rules of the road

Approved contributors at LivingSingleLivingWell have a few guidelines, including but not limited to:

  • Product and Self-promotion is not authorized.
  • Reprints and non-original articles will not be approved.
  • You will be provided with format guidelines, content and headings that must be followed to publish online.
  • LivingSingleLivingWell editors may modify or reject your articles.
  • Contributors enjoy exposure but the position is a non-paid, non-employed position.

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After our editorial team has reviewed and approved your application to get published, we will contact your to establish your online account.

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Publish online with our winning team of editors and experts.

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