Diet Books Are Like Opinions. Everyone Has One

Your health is paramount to total-body wellness. With a new diet coming into the media daily, it is up to the individual to essentially do a scientific experiment of one to decide what optimizes health and mental clarity. Most diet books attempt to deliver a science-based analysis of how food intake affects metabolic processes.

The issue with many fad diets is that they look at nutrition in a vacuum. Recommended diet plans can pay little regard for how a change in one component affects the hundreds of thousands of other metabolic components and processes. The only scientific way of proving that a particular diet book and its premise is on point, is through a randomized-controlled trial (RCT). Pharmaceutical companies are required to follow this rigorous testing to help ensure that their products come safely to market. Diet books have no such requirement so the consumer ends up with partial science.

What works for one person may not work for another. A vegetarian diet plan may not work for someone who performs well on a protein-based Paleo Diet. Each person must be willing to listen to his or her own body and take note of changes in mental clarity as food are introduced or removed. The only matter of concern is your health and wellness, so let your body be the guide.

As this section builds, we work to distill the truth and separate those diet books that are simply fad and lack science from those with supporting, peer-reviewed data.

We welcome your comments on what works for you. Enjoy!

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What Others Are Saying About These Health and Diet Books

“Bulletproof Diet Cookbook is a wonderful distillation of concepts about fat-burning, weight-loss and energy utilization. Chris Kane, the author, does a great job breaking down the science of fat-burning, the value of intermittent fasting, and how we might be able to reduce our inflammatory process by burning fat instead of sugar. I highly recommend this book. ”

Editorial Staff


“Keto Clarity, by Jimmy Moore and Eric Westman, MD, is a welcome addition to arsenal of books that focus on eliminating sugars and carbohydrates from our modern diet. The authors are gracious in acknowledging that they stand on shoulders of giants like Atkins, paleo-proponents and similar diets. Keto Clarity is a notable step toward true physical and mental improvement using powerful therapeutic effects of a ketogenic diet. This is a great starting point to dip your toe into the low-carb, high-fat diet plan. ”

Editorial Staff


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

― Hippocrates

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