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We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants…

Poets, authors, Presidents and mentors have all left us with words of beauty that reach our soul. The eternal wisdom of timeless quotes passed through generations act as eternal guideposts in which we can frame our own behavior and motivations.

Our life journey will no doubt take us down roads that we had never imagined as a child. We experience the full spectrum of the human experience, from the joy of first love, to exasperation and bewilderment. The emotional valleys sponsor introspection and change; the highs are moments of brilliance, like that of a shooting star, to be savored and tucked away for later inspiration.

Our teachers and mentors have been some of the most important people in our lives. Each of us has a teacher that impacted our learning, cared greatly about our outcome, and made a difference in our lives. They inspired and nurtured the best in us.

Einstein, Van Gogh, Thomas Jefferson, Dalai Lama XIV, Mahatma Gandhi and countless others leave us their wisdom and timeless quotes serving as eternal mentors. They make a lasting impression that affects us for the rest of our lives. The sweet poetry of timeless quotes and ageless wisdom rings in our ears the moment the words are spoken. Like old friends, they journey with us until our final breath.

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“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

― Vincent van Gogh

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