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Creating the Happy Dating Life

Dating life can be a wonderful and exciting part of the single person’s life, or it can be dreaded chore. If you are feeling the latter, it is probably time to focus on releasing the past and focusing on self until you are emotionally ready to have a fun, rewarding, and happy dating life.

A a single person, you have unrestricted choice about where you go, with whom, and how long you stay out. This presents unlimited opportunity to create a busy dating life, socialize and meet potential suitors. Despite the access to busy social scenes, real-time availability by smart phones and a wealth of online dating sites, it is as difficult as ever to find someone right for us. This could be as much about our emotional state as it is about our checklist. Everyone has a checklist based on how they see their life evolving and with whom they imagine spending it. It is this checklist that sometimes can interfere with good common sense and affairs of the heart.

This Happy Dating Life section is about hope and optimism. We examine the potential that each day holds to bring us great dating candidates and the opportunity to create a healthy dating life. We also explore goal-setting, expectations and other concepts. Having a reality check once in a while can be the difference between staying in a frustrated singles scene, walking away from potentially great partners, or finding the one.

From my married and divorced friends, I hear that marriage is not always a cakewalk. It goes without saying that every relationship will have its challenges, just as dating and being single has its highs and lows. Expect to enjoy the entire range of experiences and emotions whether you are married or single. That is part of the excitement, joy and challenge of this journey.

Enjoy the articles and please feel free to comment.



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